The NUS E-Press

The NUS E-Press

The NUS E-Press aims to provide a platform for online, open-access publications. The E-Press includes reference material, an electronic journal as well as materials supplemental to books published in the traditional way.

Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu

This work identifies all of 3000+ references to Southeast Asia contained within the Ming Dynasty reign annals, and provides them to readers in English-language translation. The database is indexed for place- and personal names, and is fully searchable. In addition to the more obvious polities of maritime and mainland Southeast Asia, the database also includes references to many Yunnan Tai polities that have since been incorporated within the Chinese state. This unique reference is a project of the Asia Research Institute and The Singapore E-Press, both of National University of Singapore.

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The Heritage Journal

An online open-access e-Journal published by Singapore's National Heritage Board from 2004 to 2010. Covers museology, Singapore and Southeast Asian history, cultural resource management, art history, archeaology and questions of museum practice.

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