Yong-le: Year 7, Month 4, Day 10 (24 Apr 1409)
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On this day, the pirate Ruan Yao and others attacked Qin Subprefecture and plundered the two police offices at Chang-dun and Lin-xu. The police official Ren Xuan and others led troops in opposition, but were defeated. The pirates burnt buildings and sheds, destroyed the stockade palisades and departed. The Commander Li Gui, maritime route regional vice commander, sent the Lei-zhou Guard Commander Tao Ying and others to pursue and attack them. They defeated the bandits and the number of heads taken and number of bandits who drowned were beyond counting. Further, 27 bandit ships were captured and 160 of the bandit subordinates, both men and women, were taken alive.
Tai-zong: juan 90.2a Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 11, page 1187
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