Zheng-tong: Year 7, Month 3, Day 17 (27 Apr 1442)
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The Minister of War Wang Ji, chief minister in the Court of Judicial Review and concurrently supreme commander of Yun-nan military affairs, memorialized: "A report has been received from the Mu-bang Pacification Superintendent Han Gai-fa, noting that he sent Tao-meng Dao Yin-song (Alt: Tao-meng Dao Lang-song) leading troops to attack the Lu-chuan bandit's stockades at Ban-han and Gong-zhang. They took the stockades and chased the bandits to Meng-meng, where seven female servants and 13 elephants were captured. However, Si Ren-fa and his sons had crossed the Jin-sha River and proceeded to Meng-guang. Dao Yin-song (Alt: As above) has stationed his troops in Lu-chuan and the Ava-Burma Pacification Superintendent Bu-la-dang has also despatched troops to attack in a pincer movement. The rebellious bandit has no place to scurry to and his elimination can be expected. The yi people of Meng-tong and Mang-shi, who had been forced to follow him, have all surrendered and I have already ordered the Commander Chen Yi to soothe and encourage them." The Emperor said: "Mu-bang and Ava-Burma are willing to show their loyalty through their efforts. Order the Regional Commander Mu Ang to further spur them on, so that they strive for success. If they are able to take the bandit leader alive and come to present him, then all of Lu-chuan's territory and people will be given to them."
Ying-zong: juan 90.8a-b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 26, page 1819/20
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