Jing-tai: Year 7, Month 6, Day 5 (7 Jul 1456)
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Imperial orders of instruction were sent to Si Bu-fa. The orders read: "You have been able to change your ways and start anew and have sent Tao-meng Meng-gang and others to Court to offer tribute of gold and silver utensils and other goods. I embody Heaven in manifesting the Way and all those who can change their ways after transgressing are pardoned. Thus, I am especially sending Imperial orders of instruction back with your envoy. In future, you must always fulfil the duties of a minister and must not, like before, harbour an insincere heart, recklessly covet things and thereby bring troubles on yourself. In this way, you and your future generations will long enjoy the prosperity of great peace. If you violate these orders, your crime will not be forgiven. You should take warning from this and be very careful." Further, two pieces of brocade, 21 bolts of ramie-silk and silk gauzes and 30 bolts of thin silks were conferred upon Si Bu-fa and his wife.
Ying-zong: juan 267.3a-b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 35, page 5667/68
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