Zheng-tong: Year 8, Month 6, Day 29 (25 Jul 1443)
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Imperial orders were sent to the Regional Commander and Ding-xi Marquis Jiang Gui and so on. The orders read: "I have received a memorial submitted by the Jing-yuan Earl Wang Ji and so on, noting that the remnant Lu-chuan bandit Si Ji-fa had sent Tao-meng Gong Xiang and others who, under the pretext that they were seeking territory, were engaging in spying. Gong Xiang and so on have already been detained and Ji will wait until the arrival of Zhao Sai before making arrangements. Truly, these bandits, both father and son, are wily, guileful and untrustworthy. I have sent orders to Ji and so on as well as to Xiao Bao, the vice director of the left, requiring that in the handling of all military matters and matters concerning the yi, the previous Imperial orders must be respected. They are also required to coordinate and plan strategies with you. Act as opportunities dictate and do not allow biased judgements to harm matters. This is for your advice."
Ying-zong: juan 105.12b-13a Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 27, page 2144/45
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