Cheng-hua: Year 10, Month 12, Day 14 (21 Jan 1475)
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Chen Jun, a supervising secretary of the right in the Office of Scrutiny for Works, and others, who had been sent as envoys to Champa but had been unable to enter the country, returned, handed back the Imperial proclamation and the gold-plated silver seal, variegated silks and other goods which they had been originally issued. Previously, Jun and so on had been sent as envoys to Champa to enfeoff the king of the country Pan-luo Cha-yue. They sailed to Xin-zhou Port in Champa, but on their arrival, the defenders refused to let them enter. Though interpreters, they came came to know that the land had been occupied by Annam and the king of Champa had sought refuge in Ling-shan. On going to Ling-shan, it was found that Pan-luo Cha-yue's entire family had been carried off by the Annamese, and that Champa's territory had been re-named Jiao-nan Subprefecture. Jun and the others did not dare enter. As they were carrying much in private trade goods and had many merchants with them, they pretended that they had been blown off course by the wind, and thus they passed through the territory and proceeded to the country of Melaka to trade. On their return journey they brought back the envoy sent by the king of Melaka to come to the Court to offer tribute. At this time, they arrived back and memorialized that Annam had occupied Champa and also memorialized that the king of the country of Melaka had supplied them with food and other requirements and had been gracious in his hospitality. The memorial was sent to the relevant offices. The Ministry of Rites advised: "When the envoy from Melaka who has been sent to offer tribute departs to return home, he should be given Imperial orders commanding and instructing the king. The Ministry of War also advised: "Annam is relying on its strength to annex an enfeoffed country. This is not a minor matter. The dukes and officials should be called to jointly deliberate on this." Subsequently, the Ying-guo Duke Zhang Mao and others stated: "Annam is overbearing and its crimes should assuredly be made known and punished. However, Emperors, in their handling of the yi and the di, govern them without directly governing them. As yet, we do not know why Champa has been decimated and must not act lightly. Next year, Annam is due to offer tribute. We should wait until the attendant ministers arrive and instruct the interpreters to examine them on this matter. The arrangements can be made. Further, Yun-nan and Guang-xi as well as Qiong-zhou and Lian-zhou in Guang-dong all border Annam. We should instruct the grand defenders, regional commanders and other officials to supervise their troops in arranging firm defence, so as to prevent the calamity of a surprise attack." The Emperor approved all of this.
Xian-zong: juan 136.6a-b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 45, page 2553/54
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