Hong-zhi: Year 13, Month 5, Day 14 (10 Jun 1500)
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The five military commissions and six ministries memorialized: "Recently, the Directorate of Astronomy has memorialized on a comet (彗星), Yun-nan has memorialized on earthquakes and and the border areas have memorialized on the lu situation. At the request of the Ministry of Rites, the Emperor issued a command requiring examination and reformation. We have deliberated and advise 18 proposals. It is humbly hoped that the Emperor will examine and implement them at once: .... 17. Guarding Against the Arrogant and Indolent. In recent years, when the sons and grandsons of the native officials in various areas have been due to inherit posts, they have been ordered to provide grain for the granaries and then have been appointed to their posts from the distance. When due to come to have an audience at Court, they have made excuses and not come, while on the Emperor's birthday they have pleaded sickness and not come to offer felicitations. Some have even relied on their strength to engage in killing and plundering and have occupied other areas. They are not aware of the grace and majesty of the Court and it is thus that they continue to act arrogantly and dissolutely. It is requested that orders be issued noting that in future when there is to be inheritance of a native-official post in Si-chuan, Guang-dong/Guang-xi, Yun-nan or Gui-zhou, they be exempted from providing rice, but be required as in the past, to come to Court to request permission to inherit the post. Those who do not come for audiences when appropriate and those who do not come to offer felicitations on the Emperor's birthday should all be investigated and punished...." The Emperor said: "These words by you, ministers, have truly pinpointed the troubles of the times...All other proposals are approved for implementation."
Xiao-zong: juan 162.4a-8a Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 57, page 2917/25
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