Wan-li: Year 13, Month 6, Day 26 (22 Jul 1585)
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Previously, in the eighth year of the Wan-li reign (1580/81), Annam had a dispute over borders with the two native offices of Lei-dong and Gui-shun, which were under the jurisdiction of Guang-xi. The Court thus sent an official who demarcated territory containing six tithings and 16 villages from Lei-dong and Gui-shun, and ceded it to them. At this time, the envoys who had come spoke again of lost territory. The Ministry of Rites memorialized: "Mao-qia's request is excessive. They lose land decades before and contend for land for decades subsequently. The ancients said: `The artful have expansion of their borders on their mind.' Mao-qia is like this. It would be best to issue an announcement so that they are aware of the changes to the maps." This was approved.
Shen-zong: juan 162.6a-b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 103, page 2967/68
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