Jing-tai: Year 1, Month 4, Day 14 (24 May 1450)
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The Yun-nan Regional Commander and Qian-guo Duke Mu Bin, the Regional Inspecting Censor Zuo Jing and officials of the three offices memorialized: "Recently, we received a proclamation noting that it was not permitted for rare birds and exotic animals to be brought as tribute. Now, the Ava-Burma Pacification Superintendent has twice sent an embassy of 74 persons with tribute of local products, gold and silver bejewelled knives, gold and silver bangles (Alt: gold and silver basins and trained elephants), elephant tusks, Western Ocean cloth and other goods, wishing to request the Court to send troops to eliminate the bandit son Si Ji-fa. As it happens, the Gui-zhou Miao bandits have risen in rebellion and both the Eastern and Western routes are blocked. The camps, forts, postal relay stations and inns have all been burnt and there is nobody to receive them or send them on. Permission is requested to temporarily store the local products in the provincial administration commission and to instruct the envoys to return home, leaving only 20 persons. Then, when things are pacified, they can proceed to the Court." The Ministry of Rites said: "The local products mentioned are not rare birds or exotic animals. We cannot refuse them and hinder the distant people's wish to bring tribute to the Court. We should instruct the regional commander to keep all of the envoys there and, when the bandits are pacified, to send them on to the Court." This was approved.
Ying-zong: juan 191.13a Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 31, page 3957
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