Hong-zhi: Year 1, Month 10, Day 16 (19 Nov 1488)
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Bu-la-lang, the pacification superintendent of the Ava-Burma Pacification Superintendency in Yun-nan, memorialized: "During the Cheng-hua reign (1465-87), I received a gold warrant and verification tally, but I was not careful and they were destroyed by fire. It is requested that a despatch note stub-book and tally-slips also be conferred upon me." The Ministry of Rites advised: "As it is the first year of the Hong-zhi reign, we should supply one despatch note stub-book with the designation character "Mian" (緬) and 100 tally-slips with the designation "Dian" (甸). It is requested that he also be provided with a gold warrant and verification tally. We should wait until the Yun-nan Provincial Administration Commission investigates and reports and then again discuss the matter." This was approved.
Xiao-zong: juan 19.4b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 52, page 450
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