Hong-zhi: Year 1, Month 12, Day 11 (12 Jan 1489)
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As the chieftain Da-jia-su and others from the Ava-Burma Pacification Superintendency in Yun-nan, who had come to offer tribute, were returning home, they memorialized: "Our journey passes through Meng-yang's territory, and we are concerned that we will be obstructed by Si Liu-fa. It is requested that officials be sent to escort us to our territory." The Ministry of Rites requested that, in accordance with the precedent in the 18th year of the Cheng-hua reign (1482/83), the battalion commander and the interpreter who originally accompanied them escort them back to Yun-nan, where the grand defender and regional inspector will be instructed to select persons to escort them beyond the border." This was approved.
Xiao-zong: juan 21.5a Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 52, page 491
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