Hong-zhi: Year 18, Month 7, Day 7 (6 Aug 1505)
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Zhang Ge, retired Chief Minister of the Nan-jing Court of Judicial Review, died. Ge (zi Shao-feng) had his origins in Chang-shu County, Su-zhou...... He was then promoted to surveillance vice commissioner of Guang-dong. While he was in the post, Ryukyu envoys who had been trading with other countries, were blown by the wind to Guang-zhou. The defence officials arrested them and advised that they were pirates. Ge memorialized advising of the true facts. Thus, their goods were returned and they were sent home. He was then promoted to Yun-nan provincial surveillance commissioner. At that time, the Ava-Burma and other yi were alternately rebelling and submitting. Ge pacified and showed concern for the area until it was at peace. He was then promoted to Fu-jian provincial administration commissioner......
Wu-zong: juan 3.3b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 61, page 92
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