Wan-li: Year 19, Month 8, Day 2 (18 Sep 1591)
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The bandit leaders Pu Ying-chun (Alt: Pu Ying-juan) and Ba-sheng from Ding-ju, Bai-gai and such places, attacked and looted villages and stockades, and spread their poisonous influences to subprefectures and counties. The Grand Coordinator Wu Ding requested permission to despatch native and Han government troops, to order Yang Wei to attack them from the East and Deng Zi-long to attack them from the West, and to transmit instructions to Na Shu, a member of the native-official ruling family of Yuan-jiang, requiring him to capture and deliver over those who flee and not allow them to hide. This was approved by Imperial command.
Shen-zong: juan 239.2b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 106, page 4428
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