Tian-qi: Year 1, Month Intercalary 2, Day 2 (24 Mar 1621)
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Previously, the Yun-nan Grand Coordinator Shen Jing-jie and the Regional Inspector Yang Chun-mao memorialized: "The major leaders of Qiao Dian have only been brought to submission through fear of Imperial majesty. We are afraid that if we do not establish government forces to control them, their tendency towards violence will see a resurgence. In this situation we must make tight arrangements. We should add 500 troops at Fa-gu Dian and such places...The Man-ha Commandant Yang Ming-ting should be put in charge of the building of barracks and the conscription of troops...Man-ha lacks personnel and is a place of strategic importance in Teng-chong/Yong-chang...." At this time, the proposals were re-submitted by the Ministry of War as memorialized and they were approved.
Xi-zong: juan 7.1a-b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 124, page 0325/26
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