Hong-wu: Year 2, Month 12, Day 21 (19 Jan 1370)
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The Emperor spoke to the officials of the Secretariat and the Ministry of Rites, saying: "Now that Annam and Korea have submitted, it is appropriate that the mountains and rivers within these countries receive sacrifices together with those of China." Thus, the Ministry of Rites conducted an investigation of their mountains and rivers. Annam had 21 mountains, named: Fo-ji, Che-wei, Wu-ning, Xian-you (Alt: You-xian), Pu-lai, Wan-jie, Jie-te, An-zi, Di-jin, Tian-yang, Shen-tou, Long-dai, Wen-chang, An-huo, Bian, Li-shi, Xiang-xiang, Chong, Du-long, Ce and Fen. Its rivers numbered six, named: Chuan-lu, Fu-liang, Da-huang, Da-li, Su-li and San-dai. It had six lakes, named: An-shi-yuan, Shi-long-men, Zi-lian, Lang-bo, Yue-shang-wan and Jiu-de-wan.....It was ordered that the sacrificial rites be made known and that a place be established for the sacrifices.
Tai-zu: juan 47.5b-6a Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 3, page 0938/39
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