Wan-li: Year 39, Month 11, Day 13 (16 Dec 1611)
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The Zhe-jiang Grand Coordinator Gao Ju and the Regional Inspector Zheng Ji-fang memorialized: "The Wen-zhou Circuit has captured yi offenders. In the first incident, 73 (Alt: 13) persons, including Pei Fu, were captured. They were from He-dong County of Sheng-hua Prefecture in the country of Annam. They had been sent to offer sacrifices to the Huang-ge (Alt: Huang Niao = Yellow Bird) spirit, but were blown by the wind deep [into China's territory]. In the second incident, 25 persons, including Chen Yang-ke, also from He-dong County, were captured. In the third incident, 42 (Alt: 43) persons, including He Yu-bang from Wei-chuan County in Sheng-hua Prefecture were captured. All were blown by the wind to the inner territory. They are certainly not rebellious or engaged in plundering. Killing them would not be a valiant action, while it would be inconvenient to have to look after them. Considering earlier precedents, they should be sent to the headquarters of the Guang-dong/Guang-xi supreme commander, who will despatch them back to their country, where arrangements can be made for them. This will demonstrate the Heavenly Court's transforming influence through its concern for those from the distance." The memorial was sent to the relevant offices.
Shen-zong: juan 489.1b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 118, page 9212
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