Wan-li: Year 48, Month 3, Day 23 (25 Apr 1620)
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Previously, Qin Subprefecture in Guang-dong had been attacked (Alt: attacked by pirates) and the Regional Inspector Wang Yi-ning had submitted serious charges against the Prefect Tu Wei and other officials who had been defeated. An Imperial order was issued requiring that they be investigated and punished. The succeeding Regional Inspector Wang Ming-xuan investigated the matter again and further memorialized, noting: "There is evidence that the various bandits did engage in plunder. The various commanders did not engage in reckless killing or remain in their camps without realizing achievements. The troops of the regional military commissioner Zhang Guo-wei proceeded to Gu-sen. The [Gu]-Sen bandits gathered their forces and suddenly began firing arrows. It was for this reason that the troops fought back. This can be considered a response by the troops. The charge that there was unauthorized killing of offenders should, under the law, be considered unfounded. If his achievements are discarded and not recorded, and instead he is heavily punished, will this not cause the heroes to become double-hearted? As to the Lian-zhou Prefecture Prefect Tu Wei, the prefecture is far from Qin Subprefecture and actually he did not reside in the same city. However, as he did not make plans against danger ahead of time, it is difficult for him to escape investigation. It is proposed that as he has been deprived of his post, no further punishment is needed. As to the Instructor Li Jia-yu who died a martyr's death, he opposed the enemy with back straight and righteously refused to fear danger. His family should be given posthumous rewards so as to encourage others in their loyalty and righteousness." The Ministry re-submitted the memorial and an Imperial order was issued, noting that, in accordance with the proposals, Zhang Guo-wei and so on were allowed, in accordance with the precedents, to purchase atonement. On the day that such was completed, Zhang Guo-wei was to have this marked in his record and he was to return to his original post. Tu Wei was demoted to commoner and Li Jia-yu's family was given the posthumous rewards.
Shen-zong: juan 592.8a-b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 123, page 11361/62
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