Wan-li: Year 48, Month 3, Day 24 (26 Apr 1620)
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The Yun-nan Regional Inspector Pan Jun memorialized: "The Nong chieftain and his brother have engaged in bloody fighting against each other. They have both linked up with Jiao yi and marauded widely around Guang-nan, raising troops and engaging in attacks and killing. The Lin-yuan (Lin-an/Yuan-jiang) Assistant Regional Commander Bai Yuan-jie had been specifically charged with guarding against the Jiao, and although he had troops, he stood by and watched without proceeding to eliminate them. Also, in commanding his troops, there was no discipline, and in controlling the army, he tolerated laxness. This brought great harm to Guang-nan. It is appropriate that he be investigated, impeached and removed from his post. The ministry re-submitted the memorial, noting: "Bai Yuan-jie should be removed from his post, sent back to his guard and not employed again. Also, despatches should be sent to the grand coordinators, regional inspectors, grand defenders and route commanders in Yun-nan and Guang-xi noting that they should firmly prohibit the Jiao yi and stop them from coming across the border and harming the inner territory. If there are violations, the two provinces should be permitted to jointly deliberate and act to eliminate the problem." This was approved.
Shen-zong: juan 592.8b-9a Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 123, page 11362/63
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