Yong-le: Year 3, Month 1, Day 17 (16 Feb 1405)
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The Investigating Censor Li Qi and the Messenger Wang Shu were sent to take Imperial orders and go to instruct Hu Di of the country of Annam. The orders read: "I am ruler of all places and I treat all with sincerity. Previously you, Hu Di, memorialized saying that the family line of the former Chen kings had been broken and that you as the son of a woman of the Chen family were pushed forward by the people to temporarily take on the handling of state affairs and to look after the sacrifices. You sought to be enfeoffed as successor. I was a little suspicious and thus sent orders of enquiry to the attendant ministers and elders of your country. They all confirmed what you said. Thus, I issued a proclamation conferring on you the title of king of Annam. Last year, Laos escorted to the Court a grandson of the Chens, named Tian-ping. He said that originally you were surnamed Li, that your father Yi-yuan was originally named Ji-li and that you were named Cang. He said that you were ministers and that you had killed three of the country's rulers, usurped the throne and changed your name to that you use at present. After claiming himself to be a descendant of Shun, your father established a dynasty called Great Yu. Your father usurped the title of Father of the Emperor and you became Emperor of the Great Yu. Then you adopted a reign title. He spoke of these matters in great detail. At first I did not believe him, but when your envoys arrived, I sent Tian-ping to meet them. Amazed and confused, the envoys bowed down and some were moved to tears. Thus, your wrongful actions are now very obvious. The former Chens of the country of Annam requested orders from the Emperor Tai-zu and asked that they be allowed to continue fulfilling their tribute duties for generation after generation. You were an attendant minister but you repeatedly rebelled, mu rdered rulers and grabbed the throne. The evil of your crimes reaches to Heaven. How is it that you have escaped death! The crimes of occupying Lu Subprefecture and other areas pales in comparison. When these orders arrive, you are to inform of the reasons for your rebellion and usurpation."
Tai-zong: juan 38.3b-4a Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 10, page 0644/45
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