Hong-wu: Year 6, Month 1 (Jan/Feb 1373)
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In this month, the minister Tan Ying-ang and others, who had been sent by Chen Shu-ming of Annam, presented a memorial in acknowledgement of guilt. He also offered tribute and requested that he be enfeoffed. Ying-ang earnestly stated that the former Chen king had succumbed to illness and that Shu-ming had humbly tried to remain on the outside, but had been promoted to king by the people. The Emperor said: "As Ri-jian died of illness, the people of the country should mourn him. Shu-ming should use the former king's seal to attend to business. When he is able to securely protect the borders and soothe and pacify the people, the matter will be decided." The Secretariat was ordered to have the Guang-xi Branch Secretariat draw up such advice for Annam's instruction. Silk gauzes and Chinese cloth were conferred upon Ying-ang and the others and they were sent home.
Tai-zu: juan 78.7a-b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 4, page 1433/34
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