Hong-wu: Year 6, Month Intercalary 11, Day 18 (1 Jan 1374)
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Tian Yan and others who had been sent as envoys to Burma (緬國) returned without having reached there. Burma is South-west of Yun-nan, bordering on the country of Ba-bai and on Champa. It is called Mian-dian. In the Yuan dynasty, it was most powerful and both Lu-chuan and Ping-mian submitted to it and became its subjects. The Emperor heard that it had offered tribute to the Yuan and thus sent Yan, together with Cheng Dou-nan, Zhang Wei and Qian Yun-gong (Alt: Qian Yun-tai), to go there as envoys with Imperial orders. When Yan and the others reached Annam, it happened that Champa was engaged in fighting with Annam. The roads were blocked and there was no way through. They waited for over two years but were unable to advance. An Imperial order was then issued calling them to return. At this time, only Yan returned, the others having died on the journey.
Tai-zu: juan 86.6b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 4, page 1534
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