Hong-wu: Year 6, Month 12, Day 29 (10 Feb 1374)
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The minister Po Kun Gang-xin and others who had been sent by Can-lie Bao Pi-ya Si-li Duo-luo-lu, the king of the country of Siam (Hu), presented a gold memorial of felicitation for the coming New Year's Day, offered tribute of local products and presented a map of their country. It was Imperially commanded that eight bolts each of patterned fine silks, silks gauzes and variegated silks, all interwoven with gold thread, be conferred upon the king of the country, that two bolts each of fine silk and silk gauzes as well as a set of clothing be conferred upon Po Kun Gang-xin, and that the deputy envoy Chen Ju-cheng and those subordinate to him be given fine silks, silk gauzes or cloth, as appropriate.
Tai-zu: juan 86.9b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 4, page 1540
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