Jing-tai: Year 4, Month 1, Day 9 (17 Feb 1453)
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Tao-meng Dao Bang-mian, a former chieftain of the Lu-chuan bandit son Si Ji-fa and an elephant-attendant soldier in the Trained-Elephant Battalion of the Embroidered-Uniform Guard, and others, requested that they be allowed to return to their original place and manage the receipt of silver in lieu of labour (辦納差發). It was ordered that the Ministry of War investigate the request. The Junior Guardian and Minister Yu Qian advised: "Although Si Ji-fa has already been captured, he has not yet been sent to the capital. Further, the remnant evil-doer Si Bu-fa has scurried off to hide in the wilds and repeatedly requested land. He is evil and guileful and his covetous nature is obvious to all. Also, Dao Bang-mian and so on have lived long in the capital and are very familiar with China's situation. Thus it is difficult to allow them to return." This advice was accepted.
Ying-zong: juan 225.5b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 33, page 4898
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