Jing-tai: Year 4, Month 1, Day 19 (27 Feb 1453)
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The Supervising Secretary Liu Zhu and the Messenger Liu Tai were sent as chief and deputy envoys to offer official sacrifices for Bo-luo-mo-la-zha-di-la, the deceased king of the country of Siam, and to enfeoff his son Ba-luo-lan-mi-sun-la as the king of the country of Siam. The proclamation read: "The Emperor is ruler of all under Heaven, and looks on all equally. The worthy and the able are the moral models of the regions and it is appropriate that they have successors. I have respectfully taken on Heaven's mandate, soothe and govern all sides, have appointed the various nobles and look on far and near as a unity. Siam is situated on a distant shore and if the people are to be governed, can this be done without a ruler? The deceased king Bo-luo-mo-la-zha-di-la respected Heaven and served the superior. He was unwaveringly loyal, protected his territory, maintained good relations with neighbouring areas and was respected by the people. Now that he has passed away, it is appropriate that there be a successor. His son Ba-luo Lan-mi-sun-la is gifted and extremely loyal and has the support of the people of the country. Now I am especially enfeoffing him as the king of the country of Siam. All of you within the country, the major and minor officials and the people, are to respect him day and night, and devote yourselves to his assistance. You should all look to your own affairs and not overstep your own functions. You should long maintain loyal and obedient hearts as you will thereby always enjoy the prosperity of great peace." On this day, the envoy Kun Gang-yue and the others from the country of Siam took leave of the Court. It was ordered that they take Imperial orders as well as ramie-silk and silk gauzes interwoven with gold thread and velvet brocades to confer, on their return, upon the king of their country and his consort.
Ying-zong: juan 225.11a-b Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 33, page 4909/10
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