Framing History: Displaying the Singapore Family through Photography

Jason Toh


Come end 2006, the Singapore History Museum (SHM) will re-open as the National Museum of Singapore at its 119 year-old home along Stamford Road. Along with the rejuvenation of the old museum into a new cultural destination for Singaporeans, the way history is being presented and displayed will also undergo an extreme make-over. Besides the core Singapore History Gallery, there will be a suite of four galleries collectively known as the Singapore Living Galleries that will interpret social history through the four mediums close to the hearts of Singaporeans - Food, Fashion, Film (Wayang) and Photography. Each gallery will present a different aspect of Singapore’s social history. Food will look at the Singapore Community; Fashion will examine the Singapore Identity; Film (Wayang) will explore the Singapore Dream; and Photography will showcase the Singapore Family. This paper focuses on the Photography Gallery and it examines the conceptualization of the methodology of displaying Singapore family history through the medium of photography.

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