Historical and Traditional Building Techniques in Some Iranian Vernacular Constructions

Aryan Amirkhani, Hanie Okhovat


The need for preserving historical constructions is not only a cultural requirement, but also an economical and developmental demand. In addition to their historical interest, cultural heritage buildings are valuable because they contribute significantly to the economy by providing key attractions at a time when tourism and leisure are major industries. Herein, the great Iranian tradition is as yet little known in the West and there is much to be learnt both from it and the building techniques which are integral with it. The Iranian vernacular building tradition, which makes such ingenious use of natural resources without the consumption of additional power, is still alive. There is also much to be gained from understanding such highly developed technology. Among different Iranian vernacular constructions, ice-houses, cisterns and water-mills are the subject of the main body of this article. Notes on wind-catchers are also included.

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