A Story of the Image: Thoughts on an Exhibition and on 15th- and 16th-century Flemish Painting

T.K. Sabapathy


A story may be intended in completely other ways. A story of the image in this instance may have to do with what and how an image speaks to us today, as we see this exhibition. In this sense, a story is to be developed in and from the display. So we ask: is there a story in the exhibition, looked at as a collective of images? Is the exhibition as a whole conveying a story? Is the exposition a story? And again, is this a story of the image from Antwerp that is transposed and now seen, told, spoken for and heard in Singapore? What might such a story then be and what might it look like? Here are, in my view, questions that beckon promising answers; questions and answers that could be invaluable additions to essays in the publication which is conspicuous by the absence of such a story of the image as it is received here, in this museum in Singapore.

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