Art and Industry (originally published in Heritage, 1978)

Joseph McNally


This article was written in 1978 by the late Brother Joseph McNally. Brother Joseph was an educator and artist, born in Ireland but a citizen of Singapore. For many years he played a key role in pushing for more investment in arts education in Singapore, an effort that culminated in the formation of the LASALLE-SIA College for the Arts. In this article Brother Joseph argues for the importance of arts education in design for industry. Interestingly his arguments are aimed as much as artists concerned with "a nineteenth century 'art for art's sake thinking'" as it is aimed at planners and administrators who downplay the importance of arts education. He also takes aim at the "spoon-feeding" approach of Singapore education at the time. His words have a great resonance in Singapore 25 years later, at a time when design and creativity in education are receiving new levels of attention.

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