The NUS E-Press

The NUS E-Press

The NUS E-Press aims to provide a platform for online, open-access publications. The E-Press includes reference material, archaeological site reports and data, as well as materials supplemental to books published in the traditional manner.

Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu

This work, by Geoff Wade, identifies all of 3000+ references to Southeast Asia contained within the Ming Dynasty reign annals, and provides them to readers in English-language translation. The database is indexed for place- and personal names. In addition to the more obvious polities of maritime and mainland Southeast Asia, the database also includes references to many Yunnan Tai polities that have since been incorporated within the Chinese state. This unique reference is a project of the Asia Research Institute and The Singapore E-Press, both of National University of Singapore.

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Innovation and China’s Global Emergence

The global implications of China’s transition to an innovation-led economy will be significant, given its size and the degree of China’s integration into world trade and global value chains. The degree of scrutiny on the manner and means of transition will likewise be intense, but this book (available free to read online) sets key parameters of the discussion.

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Southeast Asian Site Reports

The Southeast Asian Site Reports series is intended to make technical data available for comparative study to all scholars who work on archaeology in the region, as well as the active community of volunteers and students of archaeology in Singapore. The first report available details an important excavation of 14th century material at the Singapore Cricket Club. It combines narrative text and downloadable data and images in a new online format, the first of its kind from a historical Southeast Asian site. Supported by Heritage Research Grant of the National Heritage Board, Singapore.

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Seaways and Gatekeepers

An online presentation of more than 250 archival images (and growing) of the eastern archipelagoes of Southeast Asia. This is a kind of internet appendix to Seaways and Gatekeepers: Trade and State in the Eastern Archipelagos of Southeast Asia, c.1600–c.1906 by Heather Sutherland. The diversity and cultural richness of the region comes to life in images and maps.

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