Hong-wu: Year 1, Month 12, Day 26

3 Feb 1369

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The Prefect Yi Ji was sent to make known an Imperial proclamation in Annam. The proclamation read: "In their rule over the realm, the Kings and Emperors of the past, wherever the sun and moon shone, whether far or near, looked upon all people, equally and without distinction. China was thus made stable, all persons on the four sides were in their appropriate place and there were none who did not declare themselves subjects. But since the Yuan rule abandoned the eternal principles, there has been fighting throughout the realm for 17 years and news has been difficult to communicate to the four sides, near or far. I established myself to the east of the [Yangtze] river, swept away the competing chieftains and settled the relations between the yi and the Chinese. The officials and people thrust me forward and supported me. I am now the ruler of China, where I have established the dynastic title `Great Ming' and have changed the era name to Hong-wu. Recently the Yuan capital has been overcome and pacified and all within the borders are united, thus constituting our legitimate succession. And now our relations with all both near and far are those of security and freedom from concerns, as we all enjoy the blessings of an era of Great Peace. There is only the matter that you of the four yi, with your chieftains and commanders, being far away, have not learned of this. I am thus issuing this proclamation so that you will be fully aware of the situation."

Tai-zu: juan 37.22b-23a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 2, page 0750/51

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