Hong-wu: Year 10, Month 10, Day 29

30 Nov 1377

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An envoy was sent with a proclamation and a seal with which to enfeoff Ma-na-zhe Wu-li, the heir to the king of the country of San-fo-qi, as the king of the country of San-fo-qi. The seal was decorated with the form of a camel, and was of silver, plated with gold. In brief, the orders read: "When I unified the world, I sent envoys with proclamations of instruction to all the fan. San-fo-qi, your king Da-ma-sha-na-a-zhe recognized himself as a subject and came to offer tribute. This continued for some years. This Autumn, an envoy arrived with a memorial and I learned of Da-ma-sha-na-a-zhe's death and that you, Ma-na-zhe Wu-li, as the eldest son of the principal wife, were the heir to the throne. You did not dare to ascend the throne without authority and thus you asked for orders from the Court. This can be considered virtuous. I am pleased with your loyalty and thus am sending an envoy to confer upon you the seal of the king of the country of San-fo-qi. You should do well in cherishing the people of the state, as thereby you will long enjoy great prosperity."

Tai-zu: juan 115.4b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 5, page 1888

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Geoff Wade, translator, Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu: an open access resource, Singapore: Asia Research Institute and the Singapore E-Press, National University of Singapore, http://epress.nus.edu.sg/msl/reign/hong-wu/year-10-month-10-day-29, accessed January 22, 2019


Just curious, what happen to San Fo-qi in the list? After 1377 Ma-na-zhe Wu-li, was not mentioned again.

The reason for this interest is that based on W.Linehan's (1969) (The Kings of the 14th Century Singapore), this might be the only Chinese records of the old (Malay) Kings of Singapore.

San-fo-qi = Sriwijaya Kingdom in Sumatra?