Jia-jing: Year 14, Month 10, Day 7

2 Nov 1535

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The rebels Wu Yan-wei and Wu Zi-ling of the country of Annam had fled to Shui-wei Subprefecture on the border with Yun-nan, and had been in communication with Long Che, the deputy chief of the Ba-zhai Chief's Office and Zhang Ze, a member of the ruling family of the Jiao-hua San-bu Chief's Office. Subsequently, people of the country of Annam were anxious to arrest Wu Yan-wei and so on, and they sent a despatch to Ba-zhai. Wu Yan-wei suspected Long Che of duplicity and, luring him off, captured him. The Qian-guo Duke Mu Shao-xun, the grand coordinator and the regional inspector then came to know of the matter and, at this time, reported it. They noted:

"Long Che is a Chinese official who is now in the hands of bandits. The matter should not be treated with indifference. Wu Yan-wei and so on are bandits who must be punished. However, they have scurried away and reside in Jiao territory and attacking them will be extremely difficult. Although there is evidence that Zhang Ze and others have been in communication with Wu Yan-wei and so on, it is feared that if we act severely against them, it will result in their rebellion. Thus, the best policy is to provide good defence and engage in pacifying and instruction."

The Ministry of War re-submitted the memorial and requested that matters be handled as suggested by Shao-xun and so on. It noted:

"The battalions and guards of the various prefectures, subprefectures and counties should be ordered to provide strict security in guarding the passes to prevent sudden attacks. They are not to allow them to enter our territory. Long Che's wife and sons should be instructed to carefully guard the seal, restrain their tribe and not allow them to become alarmed or suspicious. Also, persons should be sent to make known the Court's grace and majesty, to clearly advise of which actions bring benefits and which bring harm, to obtain the return of Long Che, and to rectify the situation in accordance with national statutes. These matters must all be handled with much thought and consideration so that rash actions do not lead to troubles."

This was approved.

Shi-zong: juan 180.2b-3a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 79, page 3852/53

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