Jia-jing: Year 2, Month 9, Day 15

23 Oct 1523

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The Censor-in-chief Wang Qi, regional inspector of Yun-nan, submitted a list of proposals on arrangements for the native offices:

"It is requested that it be ordered that in future when inheritance or replacement [of the incumbent of the native-official post] is to take place in a native office, the governing prefecture, subprefecture or county and the administrative and surveillance officials be required to immediately investigate and submit advice to the grand coordinator and regional inspector, who will endorse the advice and send it to the three offices for comparison with the register. This will prevent confusion and arguments. Unless the person replacing the official is a subofficial functionary or a women, in which cases a memorial should be submitted, those in the heartland region and those who are peaceful should, like before, go to the office (部) to inherit or receive their rank and post, and shall all be exempted from paying grain. For those who are situated on the distant borders, and those who engage in feuding and killing, the regional commander and regional inspector are to conduct an investigation and write a memorial of request on their behalf. They will inherit or receive their posts locally and, as under the original regulations, pay grain and put the accounts in order. In cases of those below the sixth rank and who are poor, the managing officials should be permitted to investigate the facts and reduce the amounts. If the ruling family member who is due to inherit the post has committed a crime which has not been punished or there is contention for the post and it is not clear who is the due heir, the officials are to swiftly investigate and handle the matter. If, after a year, the matter has not been investigated and concluded, of if after repeated investigations by the office, there is no report in response, the regional coordinator and regional inspector and the offices should be permitted to investigate and punish the crimes. If the due-heir member of the ruling family is obstinate and stupid for over 10 years, it should be advised that the heir cannot inherit the post. When the limits are exceeded due to extenuating circumstances or delays in investigation, these rules should not apply. When the whole of a native-official clan is engaged in evil and it is appropriate to establish a circulating-official post, the grand coordinator and the regional inspector should deliberate on arrangements and memorialize for a decision to be made."

The proposals were submitted and approved and it was commanded that they be set down as orders (令).

Shi-zong: juan 31.5b-6a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 72, page 0820/21

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