Jia-jing: Year 21, Month 11, Day 10

16 Dec 1542

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It was ordered that the Annam yi chieftain Mo Fu-hai inherit the post of Commander of the Annam Commandery. Previously, Fu-hai had advised of the dying words of his grandfather, Deng-yong, which were:

"I offered submission to the Heavenly Court and fortunately I was pardoned and not killed. Now I am dying. I have heard that I have been appointed as Commander. Even if I die, I must not be buried and must await the orders. You should respect and accord with the Heavenly Court, as in this way you will not be forgetting your grandfather."

The supreme commander Cai Jing and others advised of this. The Emperor pitied him and was grieved, and sent the matter to the relevant offices for investigation. At this time, Jing and the others memorialized reporting that the events were as Fu-hai had advised. Imperial orders were conferred upon [Fu-hai], reading as follows:

"I am the Emperor and I treat all under Heaven as my family. I desire that the myriad things all have their place and that there be no division between the near and the far. Your Annam is located far in the distance on the Southern border and for generations you fulfilled your tribute duties. In recent years, tribute did not arrive and this was a result of your grandfather Deng-yong's crime. I had already ordered officials to investigate and then to proceed on a punitive expedition, but your grandfather was able to repent his crimes and change his ways and he respectfully submitted a memorial of surrender advising the transgressions in respect of the private appointments and acceptance of appointments. He also advised his willingness to hand over the people and the land and to obey the Court's arrangements for them. The Minister Mao Bo-wen and others then memorialized a report. The Ministry of War deliberated on the request and stated that your grandfather Deng-yong stood in awe of the Court's majesty and was influenced by its virtuous power, and had reported the situation and was awaiting punishment. I manifested the One on High's virtuous power in loving all living things and observed the people's desire to live in peace. Thus I pardoned all, abolished the "country" status and the kingly fief and appointed your grandfather to the post of Commander, conferred upon him the seal of an official of the lower second grade, provided the Court's calendar so that it would be known when to bring tribute to Court and permitted his descendants to inherit the post, so that for generations they could protect the region. This was indeed of lasting benefit to your people. Now the grand defenders and grand coordinators have memorialized noting that you grandfather Deng-yong has died of illness. You are the due heir grandson and you have been able to express your grandfather's loyalty by offering tribute and have advised of his dying words. You are well able to carry on your grandfather's aspirations. I am thus especially ordering that you inherit your grandfather's post as Commander."

Further Imperial orders of instruction were sent. They read: 

"You are to increase your efforts to be loyal and faithful, respectfully carry out your tribute duties, soothe and govern the yi people and pacify the region so as to accord with the Court's great desire to soothe and comfort the people, and so as to imitate your grandfather's respectful loyalty. Thereby you will long enjoy great prosperity. Would that not indeed be wonderful? In all matters, you are to handle matters in accordance with the Imperial orders and instructions which were conferred upon your grandfather. Respect this!"

The Associate Pacification Commissioner Ruan Dian-jing and others who had been sent by Fu-hai brought local products and submitted a memorial declaring their tributary status and returning Qin Subprefecture's four dong. Jing also advised:

"The people of the four dong have long been immersed in yi ways and it is feared that they may not be sincere in moving towards culture. It is requested that a fort be established at He-zhou and that the police office which was originally established at Qin Subprefecture be moved into it. From there it will be possible to control the various yi and pacify the remnant spawn. Thereby the newly-attached people will have confidence and not be frightened."

The matter was sent to the Ministry of War which re-memorialized in support of the proposal and noted:

"The first proponent of the recovery of the dong was the Assistant Surveillance Commissioner Lin Xi-yuan. Although he has now been removed, his achievement cannot be ignored."

An Imperial order was issued approving the implementation of all the proposals and the rewarding of Xi-yuan with silver and silks.

Shi-zong: juan 268.3a-b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 82, page 5295/96

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