Jia-jing: Year 4, Month 11, Day 6

20 Nov 1525

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Previously, the Tian-zhou native official Cen Meng rebelled. Sheng Ying-qi, vice minister of the right in the Ministry of War and provincial military commander of Guang-dong/Guang-xi and the Regional Inspecting Censor Xie Ru-yi proposed a major expedition against Meng and submitted a memorial on appropriate arrangements:

"1. Permission is requested to deploy the native troops from the Yong-ning and Bao-jing Pacification Superintendencies in Hu-guang. 2. Permission is requested to deploy the government troops from Jing-zhou and other guards and Zhi-jiang and other battalions in Hu-guang. 3. Permission is requested to retain the 10,000 liang of grain silver due to be sent to the capital for the fourth year of the Jia-jing reign in order to provide rations for the troops. 4. Cen Shi, the grandson of the official of Si-cheng Subprefecture is the due heir to the post. It is requested that he be given the subprefectural seal ahead of the due time so that he can pacify the people's hearts. He should be ordered to deploy native troops and have them await orders. 5. Shen Gui-su, the native official of Fu Subprefecture in Yun-nan, has close links with Meng. The grand coordinator and regional inspector should be instructed to firmly warn him not to provide troops in assistance or to collude in evil. 6. Dong-lan Subprefecture, Zhen-nan and Long Subprefecture were in previous years all occupied and pillaged by Meng. We should have their troops engage in a pincer movement. Those who realize achievements should be richly rewarded. 7. Seven subprefectures including Gui-shun, Na-di, Xiang-wu and Feng-yi all previously assisted Meng in attacking Si-cheng. It is requested that they be allowed to reform and begin anew and that they be ordered to despatch troops to punish the bandits and, through their achievements, atone for their crimes."

The Ministry of War re-submitted the proposals and an Imperial order approved their implementation. Subsequently, another Imperial order was issued to Ying-qi, requiring that he provide an explanation of his actions and removing him from his post. He was replaced by the Censor-in-chief Yao Mo. Mo also memorialized proposals on the use of troops. The Emperor ordered that, in accordance with the previous proposals, the troops be advanced to eliminate the bandits in accordance with the situation. Mo was further ordered to post clear instructions in the localities noting that only the several major evil-doers including Meng were going to be executed, and that those who had been forced or lured into evil were not going to be punished. They further noted anyone who captured Meng alive and presented him would be rewarded with 3,000 liang of silver, while anyone presenting his head was to be rewarded with 2,000 liang of silver, and they would also receive a share of his property and their appointment to official posts would be considered.

Shi-zong: juan 57.1a-b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 73, page 1377/78

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