Jia-jing: Year 9, Month 3, Day 28

25 Apr 1530

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The Yuan-jiang Military and Civilian Prefecture of Yun-nan received a letter in Mian script from Zhao Lan-zhang, the Laos Pacification Superintendent. The letter noted that [Li] Guang-shao, the eldest son and due heir of the ruler of Jiao-zhi, had been driven off by his uncle and had fled for his life to Laos, and that [Zhao Lan-zhang] desired the deployment of elephants and horses to escort him back. The defence officials advised:

"Zhao Lan-zhang's words indicate that he is fearful of being charged with harbouring fugitives. Through his seeking of our assistance in the task of subduing the troubles, his private aims in self-protection can be observed. However, if Guang-shao is allowed to remain, they will have their doubts and suspicions, while if he is escorted back, we are afraid that [the Laotians] will engage in plunder. The best policy is to have him return by himself."

The Ministry of War advised:

"The function of a border minister is to be loyal without forming private connections. If such connections are not swiftly cut, and if perchance a joint plot emerges, the calamity will be incalculable. It is requested that the defence officials be ordered to castigate and question Zhao Lan-zhang as to why he privately received Guang-shao. Guang-shao should be immediately ordered to return to his own country and, after inheriting his post, he should carefully guard the borders and safeguard his post. They should also be required to advise Zhao Lan-zhang that all fugitives are to be refused assistance and are not to be given haven."

The proposal was approved by Imperial command.

Shi-zong: juan 111.14b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 76, page 2642

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