Tian-shun: Year 6, Month 2, Day 25

25 Mar 1462

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Qian Pu, an Academician Reader-in-Waiting in the Han-lin Academy and Wang Yu, a supervising secretary in the Office of Scrutiny for Rites, were sent as chief and deputy envoy to go and enfeoff [Li] Hao, the son of Li Lin, a former king of the country of Annam, as the king of the country. The proclamation read:

"I am the Emperor and, having received Heaven's great mandate, I rule the Chinese and the yi. The same words govern the 10,000 places, while culture and influence extend beyond the four quarters. Of all who are contained or supported, there is none who does not submit in heart. You, Annam, have respected righteousness and been considered a feudatory for many years. Li Lin, the deceased king of the country of Annam, respected Heaven and served the superior and thus received orders and was enfeoffed. He protected the territory, soothed the people and was diligent in carrying out his tribute duties. He was succeeded by his son Jun who did not neglect the duties. Now Jun has passed away and a successor to the ruler is required to handle the country's affairs. Hao is the son of Lin, a former king of the country. He emulates the worthies, has the necessary qualities and has the trust of the people. He has sent a memorial, submitted tribute and demonstrated the reverence of a feudatory minister. Now, I am especially sending the chief envoy Qian Pu, who is an Academician Reader-in-waiting in the Han-lin Academy, and the deputy envoy Wang Yu, a supervising secretary in the Office of Scrutiny for Rites, with credentials enfeoffing him as king of the country of Annam. Officials and elders of the country, you are to cooperate with and assist him, and combine all your efforts in aiding him. Make efforts to carry on the wise actions of the past, accord with the rites and regulations in your actions and keep the region in peace. In this way, you will long enjoy great prosperity. This proclamation is being promulgated and it is expected that you will observe it."

Further, the Eunuch Director Chai Sheng of the Directorate of Ceremonial and the Chief Steward Zhang Rong were sent to go together with the envoys and to take copper cash and goods with which to purchase necessary aromatics and other goods. Hao was ordered to purchase these item-by-item at the noted prices (領價) and those which were suitable were to be handed over to Sheng and the others to present to the Court as tribute.

Ying-zong: juan 337.4b-5a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 38, page 6884/85

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