Wan-li: Year 43, Month 10, Day 6

26 Nov 1615

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The censor Yu Hai, regional inspector of Guang-xi, memorialized:

"The yi bandits Xie Wen-an and so on are all evil cohorts of the the yi chieftain Mo Jing-lin of Qi-yuan Subprefecture (Alt: Qi-liang Subprefecture). They have persistently acted cockily and have annually attacked the border areas. Tan Dai, Nong De, Wu Cha and Chao Lu have all been improperly appointed to false military posts. All are powerful militarily and they have been called 'Flying Generals Among the Yi' (夷中飛將) . They have led their forces in operating widely and plundering Xia-shi (Alt: Xia-gu), Xi-chuan and such areas, killing and capturing people and livestock. I humbly hope that the Emperor will send orders to the Commander Li Wei-xin, requiring that Chao Lu be executed at Liang-shan, and will send orders to Mo Jing-kuan of Gao-ping Prefecture, requiring that Xie Wen-an and so on be arrested and respectfully presented.....Mo Jing-lin and so on have been pursued, but they have not yet been captured. Li Wei-xin and Mo Jing-kuan should be sternly ordered to pursue and capture them. On the day they are presented, we should be permitted to investigate and examine them, and then deal with the cases. It is requested that the Ministry of Justice be ordered to deliberate again on the crimes of plunder by the yi bandit Xie Wen-an and so on. Also, as the military forces of the native offices are weak and the internal defences are lacking, we should first increase the number of troops and retain funds for salaries, so as to strengthen the border defences. The previous Regional Inspector Dong Yuan-ru had memorialized on this and the ministry re-submitted the memorial, but there has, as yet, been no Imperial order issued. It is earnestly requested that the Emperor, in his compassion, will graciously authorize the conferral of orders, so that the distant borders can be long secure and the external yi will not dare to act recklessly or insultingly."

It was Imperially ordered that the memorial be sent down to the ministries.

Shen-zong: juan 538.3b-4a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 120, page 10210/211

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