Yong-le: Year 4, Month 5, Day 28

14 Jun 1406

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Meng Jing-xian, a battalion commander of the Teng-chong Independent Battalion in Yun-nan, and others returned from Da Gu-la. The chieftain Xuan-ma-sa and others who had been sent by the native ruler Po-di-na-lang, accompanied them and offered tribute of local products. Previously, the eunuch Yang Xuan had, together with Jing-xian, taken Imperial proclamations with which to go to sway and instruct them. Po-di-na-lang, on meeting the envoys, had not bowed down, and Xuan and so on had said:

"The Great Ming Son of Heaven has sent envoys to soothe and instruct the yi in the four directions. How can you meet the envoys carrying the proclamation without bowing!"

Po-di-na-lang angrily said:

"This is my territory and I only know how to be bowed to. How should I know how to bow to others!"

Subsequently, he had Xuan and so on sent (徙置) to the Nan-nan River and detained them there. However, Xuan and so on would not bend. Then, advisers said to Po-di-na-lang:

"The Chinese envoys came in order to show us sympathy. Now we have acted against them. Our actions are not right. If China orders Yun-nan to send its entire army against us, it will be like using an iron bar to break chicken eggs. How could we withstand their lances?"

Po-di-na-lang was frightened and thus politely expressed gratitude to the envoys. First, he sent the chieftain Xuan-ma-sa and so on to acompany Jing-xian and come to Court. Then, he sent the chieftain Du-jin-bu-la and others to escort Xuan and so on back and to offer tribute of local products in admission of guilt. Further, the envoys sent by the various rulers of those places under Da Gu-la all came to offer tribute.

Tai-zong: juan 54.6a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 11, page 811

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