Yong-le: Year 4, Month 6, Day 24

9 Jul 1406

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The envoy Xuan-ma-sa and others who had been sent by the the native ruler Po-di-na-lang of Da Gu-la and other places, advised:

"In our region there are seven territories, namely Da Gu-la, Xiao Gu-la, Di-ma-sa, Cha-shan, Di-ban, Meng-lun and Ba-jia-ta. They are all in the extreme South-west and since ancient times there had been no contact with China. Now that the Heavenly Court has sent officials to promulgate orders of grace, all the people want to be within the Empire, and they request that offices be established to administer them. They also request that the nearby people who have not attached themselves be pacified and instructed."

This was approved. As the regions of Da Gu-la and Di-ma-sa were broad, pacification superintendencies were established there, while in Xiao Gu-la, Cha-shan, Di-ban, Meng-lun and Ba-jia-ta, Chief's Offices were established. Po-di-na-lang was appointed as Da Gu-la Pacification Superintendent, and La-wang-pa was appointed as Di-ma-sa Pacification Superintendent, while Bai-zhang, Zao Zhang, Kan-jia-li-mei, Dao Han-ti and Dao Qing-han were appointed as the Chiefs of the Xiao Gu-la and other chief's offices. Patents, seals, Imperial tallies and red warrants engraved with gold characters were conferred upon all of them. The Supervising Secretary Zhou Rang was sent to take the Imperial orders and go and confer them upon these people. Further, paper money and silks as appropriate, were conferred upon them all.

Tai-zong: juan 55.3a-b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 11, page 818

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