Yong-le: Year 7, Month 11, Day 10

16 Dec 1409

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The Ying-guo Duke Zhang Fu, regional commander of Jiao-zhi, together with the Qian-guo Duke Mu Sheng, "General for Subduing the Yi", and others, captured the bandit leader Jian Ding and others. At this time, Ding had come to Ju-le Ce and intended to go from Di Ce to Tian-guan Commandery where he would assemble his troops to meet the adversary. Sheng led his troops from the Lei River South to Ju-le Ce, while the Commissioner-in-chief Zhu Rong and the Commissioner Luo Wen took the boat-borne force up the Lei River to Niu-bi Pass. Fu sent the Commissioner-in-chief Zhu Guang and the Commissioner Chen Huai to lead the infantry and cavalry from the Lei River to Di Ce. At this time, they reached Tian-guan Commandery. Jian Ding had already proceeded from Dong-huang Ce to Duo-bei Ce. The Imperial army pursued him to Ji-li Ce in Mei-liang County, where Jian-ding and his gang were lodging with the people. When they saw in the distance the strength of the Imperial army, they left their horses as well as their seals, belts and other property and fled into the hills to hide. The Imperial army searched widely but was unable to find them. Thus, the area was surrounded and subsequently Jian Ding was captured alive, while his false generals and ministers including Chen Xi-ge, Ruan Ru-li and Ruan Yan were also taken.

Tai-zong: juan 98.1b-2a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 12, page 1290/91

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