Zheng-de: Year 1, Month 1, Day 14

6 Feb 1506

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Originally, the yi person Si Lu of Meng-yang in Yun-nan was ordered to return the areas of Man-mo and Gong-zhang to Mu-bang. The officials wished to give him headwear and a belt but he would not accept these. At this time, he sent Tao-meng Bu-song to offer tribute in the hope of obtaining a pacification superintendency seal. The officials of the Ministry of War jointly deliberated on the matter and proposed:

"Si Lu is a descendant of Si Ren-fa of the former Lu-chuan Pacification Superintendency. As his ancestor rebelled, he [Si Ren-fa] was executed, his territory was divided into the three pacification commissions of Gan-yai, Long-chuan and Nan Dian and his remnant spawn were driven beyond the river. Now he [Si Lu] wants to obtain a seal. It seems that he covets things of old. This should not be granted lightly. If another office is established and perchance he refuses to accept it, it will harm national prestige. We should just treat the envoy who has come with great hospitality and send an official to escort him back. This tribute is in excess of the normal precedents. He should be exceptionally banqueted and rewarded so as to calm their hearts. Also, Imperial orders of praise should be conferred upon Si Lu, encouraging him to protect his future and not follow his former ways. Further, the grand defender and grand coordinator should be ordered to investigate the situation from all sides and advise on the appropriateness of establishing an office."

It was Imperially commanded that the Ministry of War deliberate on the matter again. The Ministry did so and subsequently advised:

"Si Lu has returned the territory and has offered tribute. It seems that he has now changed his ways. His present request for the establishment of a pacification superintendency is not easy to grant. However, if we do not show him a little praise and commendation, how can we soothe (慰) him? It is unnecessary at present to confer further Imperial orders. In the Imperial orders required by precedent, great praise should be noted so that his sense of loyalty is strengthened. The other points should be implemented as previously proposed."

This was approved.

Wu-zong: juan 9.3b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 61, page 276

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