Zheng-de: Year 10, Month 9, Day 22

28 Oct 1515

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The Yun-nan Grand Coordinator and Censor-in-chief Wang Mao-zhong memorialized:

"Liao Xuan, the prefect of Guang-nan Prefecture, went to Lin-an to avoid the miasma and gave the prefectural seal to [Nong] Tian-shou, the son of the deceased native-official Vice Prefect Nong Shi-ying to protect. Tian-shou died and a family servant Bo-peng stole the seal, together with the registry seal and, fleeing, gave it to his clan uncle Nong Shi-xiang. At that time, the interpreter-commander (通把) Ji Fu (Alt: Li Fu) and others requested that, as Shi-ying's younger brother [Nong] Shi-xie was, according to the precedents, the appropriate heir to the post, the seal be recovered and provided to him. Shi-xiang subsequently gave land to the native official Cen Jie of Si-cheng Subprefecture, and allied himself with him through marriage, with the intention of raising troops with which to eliminate Shi-xie's clan. Not long after, Shi-xiang died and his son [Nong] Lin subsequently gave the prefectural seal to Jie. Meanwhile, the registry seal had been concealed by Lin's younger brother [Nong] Qiong. We then mobilized troops, collected grain and prepared to attack. Only then did Qiong deliver up the seal to the Assistant Prefect Zhou Xian. Later, the assignee Li Zhi-cong was passing through Si-cheng, and Jie enquired of him as to our military strength. Zhi-cong instructed him clearly and Jie was frightened. Thus he handed the prefectural seal over to Zhi-cong and came to allegiance. Qiong and so on have all now admitted their guilt and are under control. It is requested that they be graciously pardoned."

The memorial was sent to the Ministry of War which deliberated and stated:

"Qiong and Jie's are associates of evil and have opposed orders for over 10 years. It is difficult to pardon such crimes. However, the border yi have always been far from culture and learning and they have already submitted. Thus compassion might be shown. The grand defender and grand coordinator should be ordered to instruct them to guard and protect their territory, and no longer associate with evil, as otherwise, they will bring about their own extirpation. Xian and Zhi-cong should both be rewarded for their achievements. Xuan left his prefectural administration without authority and it is this which produced the troubles, while the defence and coordinating officials of this circuit failed in their pacification duties. All should be punished for their crimes."

This was approved by Imperial command. However, Xuan had already died and the defence and coordinating officials had already received pardons. Thus none of them were prosecuted.

Wu-zong: juan 129.7b-8a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 67, page 2576/77

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