Cha-Shan Chief's Office

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Literally "Tea-hills", this could be a Chinese name or a phonetic representation of an indigenous name. Gong Yin (1985; 233) suggests that Cha-shan was a Jinghpo polity and, on the basis of the Yong-chang-fu Wen-zheng (永昌府文政徵), notes that its territory extended from the Nmai River in today's Kachin state, Burma, east to the modern Lu-shui County in Yun-nan, PRC. The MSL (Tai-zong 55.3a-b) notes that Cha-shan was located near Da Gu-la. For information on further Chinese sources relating to this polity, see Fang Guo-yu (1987; 850, 856, 1063-64) and Gong Yin (1985; 233-34 and 1992; 653).

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Reign: Yong-le
Reign Date Western Date
Year 8, Month 4, Day 24 27 May 1410
Reign: Xuan-de
Reign Date Western Date
Year 5, Month 6, Day 7 27 Jun 1430