Che-ren Stockade

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On the extent of Che-li's territory, the Du-shi fang-yu ji-yao notes: “To the east it extends to the territory of the Luo-kong man, to the south it extends to the Ba-bai/Da-dian Pacification Superintendency, while to the north-west it reaches to the Yuan-jiang Military and Civilian Prefecture” (Gong Yin (1985;181). This shows that its territory extended south to what is now northern Thailand and to the north extended close to the Red River. It was a far larger polity than depicted by Tan Qi-xiang (1982; 77) and would have included much of what is today northern Laos. There is a range of Tai texts against which the MSL references can be compared. Some have, however, been recently compiled in China to depict Che-li as long an integral part of the Chinese state. A Tai history of Muong Le has been translated into Chinese by Li Fu-yi (1946). See also Dao, Dao and Kang (1989) and Li Fu-yi (1983 and 1984). For information on further Chinese sources relating to this polity, see Dao Yong-ming (1989; 284-310, 967-69), Fang Guo-yu (1987; 779, 884, 898-901, 1074) and Gong Yin (1985; 179-81 and 1992; 598-601). For secondary literature on the Tai Lue, see Tanabe (1991; 57-66).

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Reign: Yong-le
Reign Date Western Date
Year 7, Month 5, Day 18 30 Jun 1409
Reign: Cheng-hua
Reign Date Western Date
Year 18, Month 6, Day 18 3 Jul 1482