Da-hou Chief's Office / Da-hou Prefecture / Da-hou Subprefecture

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This was a Yun-nan Chief's Office and subsequently “native subprefecture” (土州), ruled by a Tai elite (as evidenced by the "Dao" honorific they bore). It was centred on what is today Yun-xian in Yun-nan, PRC. The site of the old city is said to lie to the south of the modern city of Yun-xian (Gong Yin 1982; 133). See also the map provided in Tan Qi-xiang (1982; 76). For information on further Chinese sources relating to this polity, see Fang Guo-yu (1987; 1069), and Gong Yin (1985; 132-133 and 1992; 553-55).

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