Gan-yai Chief's Office / Gan-yai Pacification Commission

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The MSL notes Gan-yai as a polity under Yun-nan, “established” in 1403 in territory formerly subject to Lu-chuan. The Ming Shi notes that it was previously known as Gan-lai Tan ( 干賴賧 ) (Gong Yin 1985; 212). The titles borne by its rulers during the Ming suggest that they were Tai. Tan Qi-xiang (1982; 78) locates Gan-yai as lying at the confluence of the Da-ying River and the Bin-lang River in the western part of today's Yun-nan, PRC, with its territory being bounded on the north by Nan Dian (q.v.) and on the south by Long-chuan (q.v.). Possibly identical with Meung-la. For information on further Chinese sources relating to this polity, see Dao Yong-ming (1989; 242-46), Fang Guo-yu (1987; 851, 865, 1065-66) and Gong Yin (1985; 210-12, 220, 239-40 and 1992; 630-31, 639, 658-59).

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