Guang-yi Subprefecture

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A "native" subprefecture in Yun-nan. The MSL references to this polity extend only over the first half of the 15th century. It was located close to Shun-ning (q.v.) and its territory apparently included that which today comes under Chang-ning County in Yun-nan. See Tan Qi-xiang (1982; 76).

For information on further Chinese sources relating to this polity, see Fang Guo-yu (1987; 852, 878) and Gong Yin (1992; 552-53).

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Reign: Xuan-de
Reign Date Western Date
Year 6, Month 8, Day 4 10 Sep 1431
Year 8, Month 11, Day 28 8 Jan 1434
Reign: Zheng-tong
Reign Date Western Date
Year 1, Month 3, Day 14 31 Mar 1436