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The Netherlands polity is represented in the MSL by the names "He-lan" or "A-lan". The Dutch are also referred to as “red yi” ( 紅夷) or “red-haired fan” (紅毛番), who were known to be based at Yao-liu-ba (Jiao-liu-ba), which is how the Chinese referred to (Sunda) Kelapa, which became Batavia. For further relevant literature, see Blussé (1973), Wills (1974), Groeneveldt (1898) and Zhang Wei-hua (1982; 85-124).

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Reign: Tian-qi
Reign Date Western Date
Year 3, Month 4, Day 3 1 May 1623
Year 3, Month 8, Day 29 23 Sep 1623