Appendix 3: Artifact Distribution by Sector, Unit, and Stratigraphic Level

Prepared by Team Projek Dieng 2010, Jurusan Arkeologi, Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, and Universitas Gadjah Mada. Translated by Goh Geok Yian and John N. Miksic. Editors: Mahirta Sasongko, Goh Geok Yian, Widya Nayati, and John N. Miksic

June 2010

Dharmasala sector excavation units:

K’f 32.1 [All Artifacts from the Recent Period]

Spit 1:

Modern Glass:8 shards168 g
Modern Porcelain:7 shards213 g

K’b 32.4 [All Artifacts from the Recent Period]


Spit 1:
Modern Porcelain:19 sherds672 g.
Modern Earthenware:1 sherd93 g.
Spit 2:
Modern Porcelain:9 sherds185 g
Earthenware:1 sherd98 g
Spit 3:
Modern Porcelain:3 sherds65 g
Earthenware:2 sherds161 g


Spit 1:
29 shards1287 g

Zh 10.9

Glass [Modern]

Spit 2:4 shards17 g
Spit 3:9 shards6 g

Porcelain: [Modern]

Spit 3:141 sherds191 g

Earthenware (Ancient):

Spit 2:1 sherd6 g
Spit 3:13 sherds66 g
Spit 4:7 sherds59 g
Spit 5:6 sherds36 g


Glass:50 sherds1487 g.
Modern Porcelain:178 sherds1119 g.
Earthenware (Modern):4 sherds352 g.
Earthenware (Ancient):27 sherds167g.

Candi Gatotkaca Sector

B' i 6.9

Spit 1: 11 shards95 g.
Spit 2: 1 shard2 g.

Tile: [Modern]

Spit 21 74 g.
Spit 5274g.
Spit 61133 g.

Iron Reinforcing Rod:

Spit 524 g.

Earthenware (unknown age):

Spit 822 g.


Spit 2186 g
Spit 5286 g
Spit 61144 g
Totals: 4 316 g

Earthenware incised body sherds (ancient):

Spit 822 g.

C'J 6.1.

Earthenware (ancient):

Spit 2430 g.
Spit 3315 g.

Football Field Sector:



Spit 1:629 g.
Spit 2617 g.
Spit 3731 g.
Spit 419 g.

Chinese Ceramics (Ancient)

Spit 117 g.
Spit 2133 g.
Spit 33137 g.


Earthenware:2086 g.
Chinese Ware:5177 g.


Stoneware (±18th century)

Spit 1120 g

Chinese Ceramics (Ancient)

Spit 111 g
Spit 2116 g
Spit 32101 g
Spit 44116 g
Spit 512 g


Spit 1723 g
Spit 2722 g
Spit 31541 g
Spit 41141 g


18th Century Stoneware:120 g
Chinese Ceramics:9235 g
Earthenware:40127 g

TP 1.2 (EXT)


Spit 1936 g
Spit 2215 g
Spit 331186 g
Spit 4942 g

Chinese Ceramics:

Spit 1:11 g
Spit 3:11132 g
Spit 4:11 g


Earthenware: 51279 g
Chinese Ceramics:13134 g

TP1.3 (EXT)

Chinese Ceramics

Spit 3:9111 g


Spit 2:520 g
Spit 3:16107 g

Imported Earthenware:

Spit 4:25 g


Chinese Ceramics: 9111 g
Earthenware:21132 g
Imported Earthenware:25 g

TP1.4 (EXT)

Chinese Ceramics

Spit 1:25 g
Spit 2:2182 g
Spit 3:428 g


Spit 1:214 g
Spit 2:617 g
Spit 3:936 g


Chinese Ceramics: 8215 g
Earthenware:1767 g

TP1.5 (EXT)

Chinese Ceramics (Modern)

Spit 1: 11 g

Chinese Ceramics (Ancient)

Spit 3312 g
Spit 412 g


Spit 1:1137 g
Spit 2:47 g
Spit 3:535 g
Spit 4:214 g


Chinese (Modern)11 g
Chinese (Ancient)414 g
Earthenware:2293 g


Chinese Ceramics (Ancient)

Spit 3344 g
Spit 412 g
Spit 5748 g
Spit 628 g


Spit 32297 g
Spit 415287 g


Chinese (Ancient)13102 g
Earthenware37384 g



Spit 212 g
Spit 338 g
Spit 4417 g


Spit 2576 g
Spit 3961 g
Spit 4986 g
Spit 5625 g


Chinese Ceramics827 g
Earthenware29248 g


Chinese Ceramics

Spit 114 g
Spit 31866 g
Spit 4213 g
Spit 5511 g

Glass (Ancient)

Spit 321.08 g


Spit 2550 g
Spit 342250
Spit 4629
Spit 5318


Chinese Ceramics 2694 g
Glass21.08 g
Earthenware56347 g

A’a 10.8

Chinese Ceramics (Ancient)

Spit 411 g


Spit 4222 g
Spit 5315 g
Spit 61352 g
Spit 7725 g


Chinese Ceramics (Ancient) 11 g
Earthenware25114 g

A’a 11.1

Chinese Ceramics (Ancient)

Spit 513 g


Spit 513 g
Spit 6114 g
Spit 7333 g


Chinese Ceramics (Ancient) 13 g
Earthenware:550 g

A’c 11.3

Chinese Ceramics (Ancient)

Spit 27211 g
Spit 3352 g
Spit 4432 g


Spit 11 5 g
Spit 210 65 g
Spit 322127 g
Spit 48 57 g
Spit 58 60 g
Spit 614135 g


Chinese Ceramics (Ancient)14295 g
Earthenware63449 g

A’e 11.3

Chinese Ceramics (Ancient)

Spit 2418g
Spit 313 g
Spit 426 g
Spit 536 g
Spit 612 g


Spit 111 g
Spit 2212 g
Spit 32073 g
Spit 41760 g
Spit 528141 g
Spit 613 g


Chinese Ceramics:1135 g
Earthenware69290 g

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